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How it works

  • Step1: Get the one page template

    This will allow you to easily prepare the site info you'll need for the test drive. It's basic info like coordinates of the source zone, contamininant type, soil profile, etc.

  • Step 2: Join a scheduled video call

    This is so we can walk you through entering the site data into the secure portal.

  • Step 3: Run the model with us

    This happens right in the first call. We'll display your results on a map and you'll be able to see and compare the output with your own field assessment.

Test Drive EnviMetric on a Complimentary Completed Site

EnviMetric is the premier site investigation tool that allows you to perform a rapid computerized study of an area to compare to sampling and create what-if scenarios. It takes a data driven approach that compiles all of the discoveries and learning from thousands of prior sites into a single model that describes where the affected area is - how far from the origin, how widely is it dispersed, and how deep does it go. The secure portal lets you run your own advanced modeling right from your browser, with minimal inputs required.

Want to see how it would work on your site? Fill out the form and we’ll set up a test run on one of your completed sites, absolutely free! Try out the app by filling out the form to set up a test run. New to statistical modeling? Learn more...

The secure portal lets you run your own advanced modeling right from your browser

Screenshot of EnviMetric application