Our Mission

We aim to see the world more clearly through advanced analytics. Our work with energy, environmental, and public safety clients has shown that bringing modern data analytics and visualization into business processes helps everyone make smarter resource allocation decisions.

About Us

Azimuth1 is a fast moving team of data analytics and computer science experts on a mission to bring specialty data analysis applications to environmental, public safety, and national security challenges. Our products are used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and emergency first responders to make better decisions faster.

The tools of our trade are typically statistical learning methods, geospatial data modeling and GIS, and interactive data visualization on the web leveraging open source software throughout our process.

Our philosophy is that we should spend our efforts customizing tools and methods to suit particular industries rather than build generic tools to try to suit everyone. We recognize that each industry has its own terminology, practices, assumptions, and way of approaching a problem. In order to solve a problem it helps to engage fully with those that are knee deep in it, so we jump in with our customers and try to build a solution that fits that industry rather than build one solution for everyone. We believe your industry deserves its own tailored fit.


We maintain active memberships and leadership roles in organizations that shape the future of our industry.