Working at Azimuth1

Headquartered just outside our Nation's Capital, but working from across the globe, Azimuth1 has a great mix of challenging work and flexible lifestyle that can fit almost any situation. We are very family friendly, supporting adjusted schedules for childcare and pickup times.

We appreciate the benefits that can come from working from home like having no commute, fewer expenses for travel and business attire, plus the comfort and convenience. Being a remote organization does come with challenges - you need to be self motivated, eager to communicate with your team in multiple channels to keep everyone aligned and working together to achive our goals. If you are a top performer in your field, and would like to create amazing new tech with others who speak your language, this may be the place for you.

Current Openings

Data Scientist

Using the skills, knowledge, and tools of data science, you will lead efforts to discover patterns in data that can directly be used to make better decisions for resource allocation, preventing fraud, and other improvemnts for our customers.

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Mobile Developer

Use your knowledge of native app development for iOS and Android, design and implement interfaces for mapping and navigation. Interface with our backend databases to deliver powerful tools right into our customers' hands.

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Full Stack JS Developer

Leverage the latest platforms for web application development to create fast, secure, and powerful data analytics applications online. Support our existing products and join a team developing new ones.

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