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EnviMetric is a modeling method that estimates the size and shape of a groundwater and soil contamination plume through machine learning techniques and a proprietary database of thousands of past contaminated sites from across the US.

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Commercial Real Estate Risk

Leveraging our EnviMetric AI based data-driven approach to site investigation, we offer a new assessment format that is tailored for understanding commercial real estate risk. Alongside your phase 1 report, this assessment tells you all of the industrial sites that are potential contaminators, and extends an envimetric model from each. You'll know at a glance if your target property could be impacted now, or at some point in the future.

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MiniCarta is a geospatial data collection and sharing platform we offer because we routinely see a need for a simple, fast, and accurate data collection and tagging system for field work. MiniCarta serves lots of uses, but you may find it useful for tagging and sharing well locations, survey markers, sampling locations, and utilities.

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