Complements a Phase 1 report

Phase 1 environmental assessment reports give a broad high level review of historical, current, and potential polluters near a site. Our complementary reporting method is a simplified version of our EnviMetric forecast for multiple sites.

The ideal scenario is to pair this report with a Phase 1 survey report to get the full picture of the current and potential risk associated with a target site. Azimuth1 is working with major environmental report provider to integrate our assessments into their products.

Data driven approach

Each feature on the map overlay shows the most likely contaminated area from any of the hundreds of thousands of sites across the US that have a documented release of hazardous materials into the soil and groundwater.

The risk area around each listed site is formed from an analysis of our proprietary database of over 50,000 remediation sites around the US. From these sites, the envimetric model calculates the highest likelihood boundary containing the contaminated area. While our full EnviMetric model takes several days to complete, and expert services to optimally tune, the

Nationwide availability

Thanks to our EnviMetric ground truth database that spans across the US and beyond, we can offer nationwide coverage for commercial real estate risk assessments as well.