Incorporating site-specific analytical data and machine learning to predict environmental site conditions.

Modeling using previously collected data and the EnviMetric machine learning algorithm to garner new insights for contaminated properties.

Ryan Velazquez | May 6, 2020

Azimuth1 analyzes groundwater factors and correlation to plume dimensions in EnviMetric model.....

EnviMetric Data Insights from Over 85,000 Remediation Sites Across the United States

Growing our unique specialty in environmental data science.

The Azimuth1 Team | February 20, 2020

EnviMetric’s environmental remediation tool is a plume modeling software that analyzes data from over 85,000 sites across the United States to help Project Managers understand plume boundaries. We’ve compiled a snapshot of the types of data we’ve aggregated in this blog post.....

Azimuth1 welcomes Ryan Velazquez to our data science team

Growing our unique specialty in environmental data science.

Jason Dalton | July 1, 2019

We’re happy to welcome Ryan Velazquez to the Azimuth1 team! Ryan is a data scientist with environmental and GIS experience. He will be helping implement on-demand forecasting into our EnviMetric product as well as chipping in on other products in the public safety arena. Ryan is somewhat unique in that he is a software developer, data scientist, and a licensed environmental engineer. Ryan was previously a software engineer at Temple University where he built data analysis and visualization applications in bioinformatics. prior to that he was a practicing environmental engineer with Langan Engineering. We count ourselves lucky to have Ryan on our team and look forward to all the great work he’ll be doing to continuously improve our products and services. ....

US Forest Service road identifiers now in TotalTopo

Important topo map update - US Forest Service roads.

Robert Sellers | September 26, 2018

Azimuth1 and dbS Productions produce the FIND software for managing search and rescue missions. At a recent exercise in Idaho, we discovered that the forest service access roads in many regions are marked on the ground using number identifiers even when a road name exists. Remote forests in the US are often navigable only by a maze of numbered utility roads and our map’s users need more information to fill in these vast spaces. Open Street Map Data excels at providing excellent coverage in most ....

Massive building footprints data for TotalTopo

FIND software integrates Bing buildings into topo maps for SAR.

Jason Dalton | July 18, 2018

In our work with the Department of Homeland Security and dbS SAR, Azimuth1 is designing and building search and rescue software for first responders. Part of that system is a custom topo map for SAR personnel to use to plan and carry out search tasks. Recently Microsoft open sourced a large ....

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